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Experience Cloak of the Light and Rise of the Fallen  and Light of the Last through an audio drama adventure! Voiced by Michael Orenstein, Katie Leigh (Adventures in Odyssey), and Leanne Bell. Original music score by Emily Black Fully dramatized with Sound Effects.

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We’ve pulled the top 26 songs composed for the Cloak of the Light Audiobook and put them on one CD. Enjoy 78 minutes of epic music!

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Listen to samples of the soundtrack

Taps | Eastern Warrior | Origins

Chicago | Whatever Else Fits

Add to Cart $19.98 Audio Drama     ( 9 CDs , 10.1 hours) CLOAK OF THE LIGHT CHAPTER 20 RISE OF THE FALLEN SAMPLE AUDIO CH 1 CH 3 Light of the Last $19.98 Audio Drama (11 CDs , 12 hours) CLOAK OF THE LIGHT BOOK ONE RISE OF THE FALLEN BOOK TWO LIGHT OF THE LAST BOOK THREE Ships 5/20/2016 Add to Cart CH 9 CH 1 SAMPLE AUDIO